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Book release

Alternative Education and Community Engagement: Making Education a Priority published by Palgrave Macmillan

What is wrong with our mainstream education system in the UK and what can we do about it? Alternative Education and Community Engagement explores some of the ethical and philosophical issues behind the provision of market-led alternative education, namely: Free Schools, Studio Schools, Supplementary Schools and Co-operative Schools. This volume seeks to explore how power is mediated in these educational models, drawing on Foucault, Bourdieu, Lyotard and others to provide a theoretical underpinning of its analyses of both mainstream and alternative education in the UK, and to introduce the reader to a 'critical pedagogy'. Using case studies, Ornette Clennon examines the practicalities of working within these alternative models and asks whether a market-based approach to delivering higher standards of education for everyone actually works.

Alternative Education and Community Engagement: Making Education a Priority
Available at all outlets including Amazon £25.75 (Kindle Edition ISBN: 978-1-137-41542-4), £41.50 (Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-137-41540-0)

Conference 2013

Welcome to our conference page. We had a lively conference in May 2013. Themes around Culture, Identity, Community and Governance emerged from all of the excellent contributions to the conference. You will read in detail how these themes, firmly rooted in Education, began to define a pathway towards Social Justice in a practical way, for our communities. In our workshops (see Conference Resources) we explored the models of Free Schools, Co-operative Schools, Studio Schools, Supplementary Schools and Arts-led Special Schools. We also had workshops about thinking of Alternative Education as Protest, which gave us an insight into what "Critical Pedagogy" could actually look like on the ground, in our communities.

The MEaP 2013 Conference really re-invigorated our community consultations and partnerships, this year. For details about how our consultations are progressing, please have a read of our August 2013 Newsletter. However, on this page you will be able to watch Diane Abbott's Keynote address, her Interview with our Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Andy Jones and a Conference video trailer. Accompanying the films of the Keynote address and the Interview are transcripts and commentaries; please take some time to browse both transcripts and commentaries, as there is a lot of annotated information, which you might find interesting.

On the Conference Resources page, you will find video-highlights of all the workshops that took place, they also have accompanying transcripts and commentaries. As with the material on the conference page; please take some time to browse the transcripts and commentaries, as extra appended information can also be found there. And finally, each of the films will also have an accompanying essay. The essays will attempt to explore the themes from the workshops and commentaries more deeply. We hope that this page and the Conference Resources page will act as a guide to help you further explore some of the pressing issues around Education and its provision. We also hope that our resources will continue to stimulate debate about the type of education we want for our communities. Please let us know your thoughts and let's continue the dialogue. Please follow us on Twitter. We look forward to hearing from you.

A Conference Video Trailer - Making Education a Priority Conference: Alternative Approaches

Keynote Address: Diane Abbott, MP

Commentary and Transcription

Post Keynote Address Interview: Andy Jones, Pro-Vice-Chancellor interviews Diane Abbott, MP

Commentary and Transcription

Conference Pictures

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