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Active Citizenship Click for details

This book is part of the Empowering Youth and Community Work Practice series written specifically to support students on youth and community work degrees. Active Citizenship and Community Learning explores the role of the worker in facilitating participation, learning and active engagement within communities. Focusing on recent government initiatives to strengthen citizen and community engagement, it provides guidance, frameworks and activities to help in work with community members, either as different types of volunteers, or as part of self help groups, and sets community work as an educational process. The book also highlights dilemmas arising from possible interventions and gives strategies for reflective, effective practice. Packed full of activities and case studies, this book will be invaluable to anyone studying or practicing in the field of youth and community work.

MMU ESRC Publications Click for details

pdf iconYoung Heritage Detectives – Who Are You? Final Report by Circle Steele

pdf iconHere We Stand - Inquiry into Local Activism and Dissent Final Report (full version) By Penny Waterhouse and Matthew Scott

pdf iconHere We Stand - Inquiry into Local Activism and Dissent Executive summary 2013 By Penny Waterhouse and Matthew Scott

pdf iconSurviving, Thriving or Dying - Resilience and small community groups in the North West of England: Project Summary (Eve Davidson, Dr. Carol Packham)

pdf iconSurviving, Thriving or Dying - Resilience and small community groups in the North West of England: Project Document (Eve Davidson, Dr. Carol Packham)

pdf iconAspirations and Engagement - strategies for working with Young Black Men – Erica Davis, Diane Watt and Carol Packham (ESRC funded) MMU publications

Community Pride: Need, Opportunity, Impact (May 2011)

pdf icon A report by the Community Audit and Evaluation Centre (CAEC)

Jamie Arrowsmith, Katherine Roycroft and Carol Packham

'Was it worth it?' pdf icon Towpath Final Report
Research report on the Project Towpath Community Grants initiative by the 'Taking Part' Capacity Building Cluster
Jamie Arrowsmith and Carol Packham Oct 2010

'Was it worth it?' pdf icon Towpath Executive Summary
Executive Summary for the above Nov 2010

Goldsmith University ESRC Publications Click for details

pdf iconSeeing the Difference - measuring the impact of small community organisations

pdf iconMore Than Measurement - assessing quality through reflection in faith-based social action.

pdf iconMore Than Measurement - executive Summary from the above.

pdf iconEmpowering citizens - Realising service user involvement in UK Third Sector organisations through accountability principles in self-regulation initiatives.

pdf iconEvaluating the Impact of Voluntary and Community Sector Organisations on Community Cohesion

pdf iconWhat makes hosting relationships work?

pdf iconFree Radicals - Youth-led political organising in the UK: lessons, challenges and prospects

pdf iconTaking Part Case Study: Stream Arts

Food 4 Us Click for details

This book is a result of our experiences running the JNREAT project. JNREAT was based at the JNR8 Youth & Community Centre in Whalley Range, Manchester, culturally a diverse area with many people of African Caribbean and Asian origin, each with their own distinctive food heritage. This pilot scheme was funded by Central Manchester Primary Care Trust and devised with support from the Community Audit and Evaluation Centre at Manchester Metropolitan University. It details how young people in inner-city Manchester were motivated to explore food related activities and gives practical advice on running suitable sessions.

Other publications

Valuing our Communities - Developing Community Resilience Through Asset Based Approaches

Research Review Summary

Research Review Full Report

Sustainable Livelihoods in Manchester –The effects of austerity on small voluntary organisations (2014)

This paper examines the effects of austerity on small voluntary organisations in Manchester using a Sustainable Livelihoods Analysis (Chambers and Conway 1992). It frames its narrative around the effects of the cuts to local authority funding included within the Coalition Governments Austerity Policy.

Report - Sustainable Livelihoods Analysis (2014)

Hope for the Future - Somali Community voices its concerns and ideas (2014)

As one of the City’s newer communities, little has been known about the needs of Somali people. This is the first research on the Somali community in Manchester undertaken by the Somali community in Manchester themselves.

SASCA research report (2014)

Mentoring for Employment Success

Mentoring for Employment Success – Participatory Evaluation (2014)

Mentoring for Employment Success – Literature Review (2014)

Mentoring for Employment Success – Report (2014)

Previous reports

Practices of Alliance and Solidarity with Asylum Seeking and Refugee Women 2013

Berry, H (2014) Practice of Alliance and Solidarity with Asylum Seeking and Refugee Women – a case study (ESRC funded thesis) For further information about the study and her continuing work at Gender and Participation Unit please email

Living Well with a Long Term Health Condition - School of Participation 2013

Taking Part - Arvac seminar 2011 (ppt)

Women in Governance 2009 (pdf)

Community Governance Report 2009

C.A.E.C Report on Participatory training into Community Audit Carried out in East Manchester
Kimberly Osivwemu (2009)

Mobex Resettlement Project: HMP Altcourse - Looking to the Horizon!
Alison Ronan & Craig Fletcher (2008)

Crossing Continents A Woman's Journey to Economic Independence and Social Wellbeing - Barriers to Employment and Education Faced by Black and Minority Ethnic Women in Manchester:
Shahida Sidduque et al (OCT 2006-FEB 2008)

A skills audit of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Greater Manchester 2007

Services for under-represented groups: Fathers/Male Carers 2007

Take Part Active Learning for Active Citizenship: Greater Manchester Hub
Di Mcintyre (NOV 2006)

Oldham Extended Service Schools Evaluation of Developments
Lydia Meryll (2006)

The Jabez Group Community Audit Project: Listening to Longsight and Levenshulme, Exlploring the needs of local people in relation to the development of the Jabez Group
Gina Lewis (DEC2005-MAR2006)

Towards Gender Sensitive Transport Services Report 2006

Voice for Young People Evaluation Report 2006

Hattersley Community Audit Report 2006

Gem Project, Gender & the City, Gender & the Community Engagement Tools & Processes
Carolina De Oyteza (2006) ISBN 1-900634-13-9

End the Fear Domestic Violence Community Audit: A Report on the Introduction of Routine Enquiry into Domestic Violence in Manchester NHS
Maria Kovacs et al (2006)

Domestic Violence Community Audit 2006

MRSN - Skilled Up; A skills audit of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Greater Manchester
Shahida Sidduqe & Zoe Speekenbrink

South Manchester Healthy Living Network Discovery Team Evaluation 2004

Directory of Local Health Services in Whalley Range 2004

Delivering Effective Volunteering 2004

From Playgroups to Prisoners' Families - A study of voluntary sector children and families services in Manchester -Veronica Morris - Jan 2004- ISBN-1-900139-71-5

'It's broken the ice both ways': Community Conferencing in East Manchester - May 2004- ISBN- 1-900139-76-6

Asian Women and Community Engagement- The GEM project, Manchester Women’s Network- November 2004

Delivering Effective Volunteering- A report of the coMMUni Project and requirements for effective volunteering- July 2004

St. Martin's Church and St. Francis's Church Baseline Community Audit 2003

Wigan Social Services Training & Development Audit & Evaluation: A Service User Perspective on the Effect of NVQ Traininig
Kimberly Osivwemu et al (MAR 2003)

A Bit of Humanity: Service Users' Views of Assertive Outreach in Manchester - Report of an Evaluation of an N'gage Project
Veronica Morris (2003)

A Baseline Assessment of Young People's Health Needs in Old Trafford and Gorse Hill
Amanda Barnes (2003)

What Stops Us Getting On? Lone Parents, Aspirations and Opportunities (2001-2003) - ISBN - 1-900634-10-4

Radio Regen: An Impact Analysis
Gina Lewis & Tina Crobbins (1999-2000)

Applied Social Research A Reader - Department of Applied Community Studies,
MMU - (1999) - ISBN 1-900634-120

Community Audit Wiki

AUTUMN 2014 EDITION with details on our small name change, new location and latest research!

March 2014 - with details on our move to Birley Fields in Hulme, our work with the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation, findings from the Resilience and Small Communities Groups study – and more!

We have been working with Church Action on Poverty to highlight the issues people face in having to pay more and more.

The abstract from her thesis entitled: Practice of Alliance and Solidarity with Asylum Seeking and Refugee Women can be found by clicking the title above.

MMU teams up with community

Mayo, M; Mendiwelso-Bendek, Z; Packham, C (2013) Community Research for Community Development, Palgrave Macmillan